150 years old German furniture giant Walter Knoll included the designs of famous designer, sculptor and painter Sadi & Neptün Öziş in Walter Knoll’s collection and a party was held at Mozaik Ortaköy with the participation of his son Neptün Öziş. In 2012, Fishnet, Burgaz and Rumi armchairs by the famous designer Sadi & Neptün Öziş, who passed away in 2012, will be offered for sale under the Walter Knoll brand all over the world.

Working with famous architects and designers such as Norman Foster and Pearson Lloyd from England, EOOS from Austria, Ben van Berkel from the Netherlands, Kengo Kumave from Japan and Claudio Bellini from Italy, Walter Knoll has included a Turkish design in its collection for the first time. With the beginning of the collaboration between Walter Knoll and Mozaik, these special designs will be on sale at Mozaik Ortaköy in Turkey along with the rest of the world. Fishnet, Burgaz and Rumi, which are among the designs of Sadi Öziş (1923-2012) showing unique examples of creativity by using materials such as rebar, fishnet, suborusu, coopesteli, electric cable due to the difficulties in the supply of materials in post-war Turkey, will be offered for sale by Walter Knoll for the first time in Turkey at Mozaik Ortaköy Showroom.

Walter Knoll 150. In the Turkish market with the Sadi & Neptün Öziş collection… Walter Knoll furniture, which creates living spaces with expert craftsmanship, the best materials and a permanent aesthetic understanding and has received 120 international design awards in the last 15 years, will be offered for sale in Turkey under the roof of Mozaik, which brings the world’s most prestigious brands together with Turkish consumers. As a prelude to the collaboration, Walter Knoll signed a very special project and for the first time included the works of a Turkish designer in its collection. With the agreement between Mozaik and Walter Knoll, all the furniture produced by the brand for the interiors of corporate offices, social and public buildings and headquarters worldwide will be offered for sale only under the roof of Mozaik.