Wallpaper Magazine has selected the winners of the 2022 Wallpaper* design awards: The contemporary and distinctive Allure O’ Table, designed by Monica Armani, was recognized for the best dining experience.

Homes have become a reflection of our style. Monica Armani’s Allure O’ design won the “best dining experience” award at Wallpaper Designs 2022. The Allure O’ table is presented as a glamorous design interpreted in contemporary style. The elegant strength of its design is evident in its strong form and the balance between the control of straight lines and the curvature of curves. With the interplay of elliptical geometric shapes reminiscent of the Madison mirror designed by Monica Armani in 2017, this piece renews the reference of the shape of Jackie O’s iconic glasses. Allure O’ is available with a square or rectangular top, both with beveled edges, and comes in two sizes, each to seat four, six or even eight people. The section of the truncated pyramid base repeats the meticulous balance of the upper part with precise proportions to create a level of harmony that can guarantee structural and visual stability. The veneers underline the sophisticated elegance of the inspiring concept behind it. These pieces are available in glossy and matt painted finishes in many colors, as well as in light and black oak wood. The upper and sole can also be finished in different color combinations. The table can also be enhanced with a marble top or sophisticated glossy black glass. It is a contemporary celebration of 60s style, unadorned sculptures and functional design. Strong and calm, the Allure O’ stands elegantly on a perfectly proportioned tapered sole.

Monica Armani was born in Trento, Italy, the daughter of an architect. Architectural education, the design process has evolved into a distinctly disciplined approach: Design in Molecules.

Years of international experience have systematically identified these molecules and the success of each project lies in its disciplined implementation. Monica Armani designs collections of objects and accessories for Italian and international companies.

Her collections have become bestsellers and references in the sector.