The Camaleonda Sofa, created by Mario Bellini by combining design and architecture, reflects various design languages and the luxury of moving easily between geometric curves.

First presented to the public in 1970, the Camaleonda Sofa has become a true icon, holding its place in the last 50 years of design history. Designed by Mario Bellini, this modular sofa attracted great attention from critics and design lovers alike and defined the aesthetic of the period in interior design. The Camaleonda Sofa, a favorite of design enthusiasts, antique dealers and interior designers, and a regular feature in many international design museums and on film sets, defining the collective imagination, has been designed by B&B Italia Research and Development Center and Mario Bellini for the 21st century, preserving its classic elements. updated for the century.

Camaleonda’s comeback does not look to the past, but rather aims to rewrite an undisputed classic from a contemporary perspective. The aesthetics, dimensions, proportions and the way they are structured remain unchanged, while the interiors are completely redesigned, leaving no room for nostalgia.

For the 2020 special edition, the original 90 x 90 seat module and the characteristic quilted design have been updated with a generous use of polyurethane and environmentally friendly materials. In 1970, the innovative cable, hook and loop system in Bellini’s original design remained unchanged.

Camaleonda’s main characteristic is its unlimited modularity, with a geometric pattern that allows each element to become a kind of enormous pixel that can define your home environment.

Camaleonda’s “sandwich” structure is made of recycled or recyclable materials that can be easily disassembled, while the seat, backrest, armrests and base are made of wood panels.

Gli Scachi

Camaleonda’s adaptability to its environment requires a great deal of technical work behind it. The technical innovations underlining the fit and flexibility of the pieces, like chess pieces, were completed by Gli Scachi.

In the innovation of the three pieces that make up the range, Gli Scachi was inspired by the queen, the knight and the castle (Regina, Cavallo, Torre) for their mobility.

In 1971, self-coated polyurethane, a solution used exclusively by the automotive industry and introduced for the first time in furniture, represented a remarkable technical innovation in furniture production.

The 2020 version elaborates and enhances the parallel tube through structures made of soft polyurethane, offering soft covers made of thick calfskin with visible seams, the shape of the three elements perfectly synchronized with the dimensions of the Camaleonda. At the bottom there is an elegant metallic profile, an element that defines the geometry of the shape, contrasting with the softness of the object.

* The Camaleonda Sofa rests on the floor on a set of spherical legs made of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified beech wood. The seat cushion, seat backs and armrests are made of polyurethane with various levels of density and hardness. The highest level of sophistication lies in the seat, where the elements are shaped and combined in a way that allows each layer to interact, while at the same time guaranteeing a high level of comfort. The various layers create empty spaces or pockets designed to create a cozy spring effect. The engineering and composition of the seat allows the internal elements of the sofa to be dismantled and therefore easily recycled. The filling is protected by a removable cover made of dacron, a synthetic fabric made of fully recycled PET, which is used in the production of plastic water bottles.