Endless waves with sustainable and recycled materials: Twiggy and Diade

Developing its design and production philosophy day by day, Paola Lenti focused on the potential of Twiggy and Diade for its 2020 outdoor collection. These specialized and high-performance technical products are the result of years of experimentation and research.

Fully recyclable, waterproof, easily washable, durable even in harsh environmental conditions, Twiggy and Diade have evolved into a series of practical, durable, elegant and comfortable modular outdoor collections that are pleasing to the eye and touch with modern and conscious design.

Diade is a special, single-material, load-bearing material that is recyclable, high-performance and completely waterproof. The three-dimensional texture of its unique and inimitable surface matches all fabrics, materials and finishes in the outdoor collection and is available in hundreds of colors.

Elba, Nina and Iole, stackable armchairs with a timeless design renewed by details and materials

Designed by American architect and designer David Rockwell with over thirty years of experience in the hospitality industry, Elba is designed for use in public spaces. Designed by Francesco Rota, Nina and Iole is ideal for residential projects with its light and slim profile.

Designed by Francesco Rota, Sun and Miramar can be used in different living spaces, from spas and wellness centers of hotels to small large swimming pools and gardens in residential buildings.