Paola Lenti’s signature with the use of color and yarn is hidden in the production techniques developed through dynamic experimentation. The uniqueness of function and appearance in their designs comes from a deep research in the production process and quality yarns carefully planned for each collection individually.

Experimentation and research are critical in high-tech rope production. Although this research is usually carried out for areas outside the design industry, when it comes to color, Paola Lenti uses a color swatch developed specifically for the brand. In production techniques, traditional methods are used to ensure that each product has a unique aesthetic, while innovative technological methods are used for durability and functionality.

The singular approach to materials and shapes and the original interpretation of color contribute to the uniqueness of the collections, while natural and man-made fibers are transformed into exclusive, refined and resistant yarns and fabrics thanks to modern technological solutions combined with the uniqueness of Italian craftsmanship. Thus, textile projects become unique rugs for indoors and outdoors, seating furniture and moving backgrounds.

Paola Lenti designs the simplicity, forms and colors of her products inspired by nature. The selection of materials that do not harm animals and nature is one of the main principles of the production process. Paola Lenti is present in more than 60 countries with its quality products and consulted dealers with its unique products.