“In the age of electronic technology, only hands, eyes, objects close to the human body can be beautiful because of the perfection of their construction.”

Albrecht Wellmer

Founded in 1956 by Aviero Ceccotti in the town of Cascina, near the city of Pisa in Tuscany, Ceccotti’s success is based on the craftsmanship they have developed over 60 years. Ceccotti, which specializes in traditional craftsmanship and started its production life with home furniture, soon became a leader among hotel furniture suppliers.

In 1988, with the bold intuition of Franco Ceccotti and the Pisan designer Roberto Lazzeroni, Ceccotti Collezione created its first collection “Dedos Tenidos”. “Dedos Tenidos” is a collection that combines detailed research with craftsmanship.

The Scent of Wood

Franco Ceccotti continues to pursue Ceccotti’s unique approach by passionately collaborating his aesthetic and intellectual taste with designers from different parts of the world with different tastes. Roberto Lazzeroni, Jaime Hayon and Vincenzo De Cotiis are among the designers who have collaborated with Ceccotti to create a dialogue between cultures from different parts of the world. And with new projects, they continue to preserve and shape the uniqueness of Ceccotti products and their distinctive line.

Ceccotti Collezioni expresses the uniqueness of its products through its use of materials, respecting the life cycle of trees, using timber from strictly controlled plantations and supporting the necessary recycling and reforestation.

Suppliers that care about environmental issues and adopt sustainable production techniques have certifications such as SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

Photo: Gökhan Göktaş