Vlinder combines the archetypal form of a cozy sofa with a delicately designed quilt-like fabric cover.

The Ultimate in Textile Design
Featuring multiple foam layers, Vlinder’s soft upholstery is combined with a feather and padded cover for exceptional comfort. Available in light red, dark red, light green and dark green, the Vlinder Sofa resembles a unique butterfly in shape with a rich tapestry of motifs, weaves and colors.

Hella Jongerious’s distinctive signature fabric cover pushes the boundaries of textile design.
Hella Jongerious’s 10 years of experience as an art director at Vitra as well as her extensive knowledge of weaving techniques contributed to the creation of the Vlinder Sofa. The textile drape bears the distinctive signature of the Dutch designer and pushes the boundaries of modern weaving technology. The cover features eight colors with two different thicknesses of yarn, seven different levels of jacquard weave. The knitting patterns are dense and deeply choreographed. This deep choreography creates the rich composition of the Vlinder Sofa, with the surface and cover flowing together.