Inspired by a folded sheet of paper, Japanese studio Nendo has created a collection of stackable chairs made from recycled household plastics.

The N02 recyclable chair is designed for Fritz Hansen. It is the movement with the creation of a chair for the circular economy, as it is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled again when its lifespan is over.

Made from used plastics collected from Europe. Because it is derived from discarded products such as food packaging and plastic bottles, it can be melted repeatedly, allowing the same process to be carried out again and again.

“The fact that the material is made from everyday recycled plastics creates an extra bond between the user and the chair, it is an accessible design for everyday use and made from recycled household plastics,” adds Oki Sato, founder of Nendo.

In keeping with Nendo’s minimal style, the chairs are named after a piece of paper folded in half found on Sato’s desk.
“We wanted to make a versatile plastic chair from recycled materials,” said Christian Andresen, head of design at Fritz Hansen. “Collaborating with Nendo meant it would be a simple and elegant mix of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics.